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Quick Review of Samsung Galaxy A70

I recently got myself a Samsung Galaxy A70. This is a quick review of how I’m finding it after 4 days of use […]

I recently got myself a Samsung Galaxy A70:

This is a quick review of how I’m finding it after 4 days of use. I came from a Google Pixel 2 which had a failing battery, and am using it in Australia with a Boost Mobile prepaid sim card.

Screen + Phone Build

The screen is excellent – very large, bright, and with good colours. The screen is taller than you would think, but because it goes from top to bottom of the screen the phone isn’t too oversized because of the screen

In terms of size and build – this is a big phone. It is much larger than a Pixel 2, my previous phone, but I don’t find it too large for my use. However, you will need to use this phone two-handed mostly.

Because of the very tall 20:9 ratio, the phone is still comfortable to type on. You don’t feel like you have to reach for the centre of the keyboard.


The battery life on this phone is awesome! It has a larger than usual 4500mAh battery, and this battery lasts easily through the day even with a lot of use. Looking at the phone now, it’s still on 83% battery (woke at 07:20, time now is 13:30). I have used the phone for a while today listening to podcasts as well as doing some browsing and playing sudoku. Checking in my settings that is 1hr 20m of screen on time.


Headphone Jack – present! ???

My phone (From JB Hi-Fi) came with a screen protector pre-applied, and a clear plastic case in the box, which are nice touches.

This phone has an always-on screen, which is a big plus for me. It needs to be enabled in the settings, but then works great.

A fingerprint sensor is available – it is an under-screen type. The sensor is quite small, and I haven’t found it to be very accurate. The Pixel 2’s sensor is instant every time, this one takes a half-second and fails the first read about every 1 in 5 times.

I did find that the fingerprint sensor got better after re-registering the fingerprint at a much more point-of-finger angle. To start with I used a very flat angle which did not work well.


Performance is great, I haven’t noticed any slowness. No noticeable difference between my Pixel 2 and this phone.


I haven’t had a chance to properly test the camera yet, but initial impressions are that it seems fine, but not amazing.

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