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Using Zoho Email for a Local Football Club

I have recently helped my local football club – – to move their email over from Office365 to Zoho email services – Overall it was a great experience, and I would recommend Zoho to other clubs and similar small organisations looking for email services. Here are a few things that I found nice about the move:

Setup of Mail Flow

The set up involved quite a few DNS records to be created, but the Zoho site provided all the records required, and has quite a good check tool to confirm that everything is correct. My suggestion to new users would be to change the TTL value for all the records to quite a low value, like 600, to allow them to be tweaked quickly. Once everything is working well, change back to a longer value.

Migration of Existing Email

Zoho has a built in tool to copy old emails and folders from the old account. I used the IMAP migration tool, which worked great.

To migrate contacts I went to the old service and exported all contacts to a vCard, which imported nicely.

Webmail Interface and Android App

Zoho has a nice webmail interface, and I have found it easy to use for both myself, and the less tech-minded club members who have tried to use it.

There is also an Android app, which was easy to set up and good for use on the go.

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