How to Flash Tasmota using Tuya-Convert onto a Arlec Smart Plug PC190HA from Bunnings

Here are my notes from the process of flashing this smart plug using Tuya-Convert –

This is the plug:

These are my notes:

Arlec Model: PC190HA
Smart Plug-in Socket with Grid Connect

Running on Ubuntu 20.04


  • Clone tuya-convert repo
  • run ./
  • edited the config.txt and set:
  • WLAN=wlp3s0
  • rebooted for a clean environment
  • run ./
  • Connected phone to ‘vtrust-flash’ when prompted
  • plugged in arlec smart plug
  • Held button for 5s to make it start flashing rapidly
  • Hit enter at the tuya-convert prompt
  • Waited for the existing firmware to back up
  • Hit 2) flash tasmota.bin
  • Hit y to confirm
  • Flash complete, can now see the tasmota-xxxx wifi AP

Finally, when you are configuring it, you will need the template from here:

Template I used:


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