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My Favourite Tools in 2020 – Command line

Here are some tools that I really like using when I’m working from the command line:

Fish shell

The fish shell is an awesome shell with loads of autocomplete and helper tools:


Mosh is an SSH replacement that has a much lower latency implementation:


As the tagline says, backups done right!

Restic has very nice features, including deduplication of content and encryption. The killer feature of restic is the rclone backend, which allows you to use any cloud storage supported by rclone as a backup repository.


Which brings us to rclone! ? Rclone is a tool to sync/copy to/from cloud storage, think rsync but for clouds:


Perform http requests from the cli – it’s an incredibly powerful tool that I use all the time!


jc is a tool to convert the output of various cli commands to JSON. Many cli tools don’t support JSON natively, but jc bridges that gap:


Quite related to jc, jq is a tool to use JSON on the cli. You can use to parse, pick pieces from JSON, and output new json:

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JC is one of my favourite tools! It’s so awesome for gluing things together on the cli, using structured input/output. And when trying to use JSON as the interchange format, JC helps bridge the gap from the old tools that don’t yet support structured output to tools like jq. ? ?

Also, that’s a great blog post making the case for having a json-mode for cli tools.

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