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How to make Zoom (and other QT applications) scale properly on Ubuntu 20.04 with Fractional Scaling

I have a Lenovo X1 Carbon 4th Gen, running Ubuntu 20.04 – it’s a great laptop, with a 14″ display and a 1080p screen. However, if you run it at 1X display scaling, everything is just a bit too small for comfort. I have found the best display scaling factor for it is 125%. Ubuntu 20.04 finally has support for proper fractional display scaling out-of-the-box, so I can use it much more comfortably in 20.04.

Enter zoom….

Notice how tiny all the text is compared to everything else? I was able to find a solution using this link: What you do is you run in your terminal:


Much better! This may work for other QT based applications also. Give it a try!

To get this in a Zoom meeting, run zoom in the terminal, and leave it running on the join screen. Then go to the link in the browser you have been sent, and it will take over the Zoom program you have running, keeping the scaling correct.

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