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New Project – coconut-deadmanswitch – A tool to monitor Cron Jobs and Scheduled Tasks

I’ve started a new project! I recently talked about my experiments with coconut-lang here:

I’ve now started a project using coconut! It’s what I’m calling a “Dead Man’s Switch” (DMS) monitoring tool. The idea is this:

  • Every cron job / scheduled task sends an update to the DMS monitor
  • The monitor records the updates and how long they are valid for
  • One day the cron job dies, and stops working
  • After the latest update expires, the DMS monitor marks that job as failed and an alert is sent to me

This project is inspired by, but is much much simpler. For my case I needed an internally hosted DMS monitor, and although is open source and self-hostable it’s a much bigger project.

I also already have a Nagios monitoring system, so I didn’t need any alerting built into the DMS monitor. Instead, it groups the checks, and then provides an endpoint /status/<groupname> that Nagios queries to see if any monitors in the group have failed.

It also uses an embedded sqlite database so there is no need to run a full-fat DB. For my needs sqlite is EASILY fast enough.

Project is here: Check it out, see what you think, and send me any feedback! Contact details at ➡

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