KDE Plasma on Wayland – What Doesn’t Work Correctly

These are the things that I’ve run into on KDE Plasma running under Wayland that prevent me from using it full-time. I thought I would get them down here so I could keep track of them and hopefully provide feedback upstream as-needed:

Screen Sharing in Microsoft Teams

For me this is a deal-breaker for getting work done. We use MS Teams for work meetings, and it’s very important that I’m able to share my screen through the app.

This is documented in the Team uservoice here:

It seems to be related to an Electron bug:

Copying out of a Remmina RDP session doesn’t work

You can copy text in Linux, and paste it into a Remmina session, but you can’t copy text inside Remmina and paste it back into Linux. This is a bit of an annoyance, and certainly makes usage less smooth and friendly.

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