Movie Thoughts / Review – Stowaway

I really enjoyed this movie! It had a solid mix of real science along with a better story than most movies.

One aspect I enjoyed was that the characters didn’t spend excessive time explaining everything that occurred to the audience. The doctor, played by Anna Kendrick, makes a wrist brace for the crew commander. She does this using a 3D printer, it seems, but there’s no need to explain what’s going on to the audience.

In a similar vein, the crew all act like experts, well trained astronauts. They all understand how their ship works, they all have a good understanding of what the problems are. Contrast this to the movie Gravity, where Sandra Bullock’s character spends a lot of time confused surprised by things, meaning she has to be “saved” by the experienced astronaut, George Clooney.

Plus, I love a movie with good Aussie actors. ?

For a really interesting look at the movie by Scott Manley, a consultant for the science of the movie, have a look at this vid:

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I watch Scott Manley and it was interesting to have his opinion on what was followed and some interetsting obervations about Tethered Saftly and being able to see the Coronal Mass Ejection streaming around Anna Kendrick. Guess cinematic license has some good points.

I liked the movie overall but I was left a little empty having the ending it did.

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