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Making an RSS feed for NT Government Newsroom

NT Government has a “Newsroom” site for official press releases, which is quite nice, but only allows subscribing via email.

I like to follow news sources using RSS, as it’s an open standard, properly federated, and it’s the most convenient way to read and track these sorts of sites. Unfortunately NT Gov hasn’t got RSS support on their site. 🙁

So I made one! – with the actual RSS feed at

This is a super simple site, that when you got the the /rss.xml page will fetch the newest 25 articles from the Newsroom site, and serve them as an RSS feed. It’s working fairly well in my testing – the formatting is a little poor but the content is all there and accessible.

It also caches the 25 articles for 30 mins, so that if lots of people/RSS readers try to fetch the articles it’s not constantly smashing the Newsroom site trying to redownload them.

The code is all open source, and hosted here:

Got feedback? Issues? Comments? Message me up via Codeberg or via email – see

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