Top RSS Feeds

My preferred RSS Feed reader is currently – It’s open-source, simple, and has great keyboard shortcuts. Also, the developer provides a cheap hosted version if you don’t want to run it yourself. It also has a really nicely done PWA to install onto a phone using the browser.

I used to use feedly, but it has started putting ads all over, doesn’t seem to support open-source at all, and restricts access to some RSS feeds, like reddit pages. I would not recommend using feedly.

These are some of my favourite RSS Feeds:

Linux / Tech Blogs

GNOME Shell & Mutter –

Kev Quirk –

ServeTheHome –

Phoronix –

PINE64 –

Adventures in Linux and KDE –

JRS Systems: the blog –

AnandTech –


CommitStrip – –

Poorly Drawn Lines –

Order of the Stick –