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Sending an email via Microsoft O365 SMTP Servers using Python

This is a simple script to send an email via MS’s O365 Service: Note how you need to set up an SSL context and perform .starttls() to properly create a secure connection.


Problems with OneDrive as a Backend to Restic Backup Tool

I’ve been trying to use OneDrive as my restic backend – which is supported through the rclone backend. Using this, restic can use any backend that rclone supports, which is very cool. However, it has revealed that the OneDrive API is very buggy and unreliable! I’m surprised by how many issues I’ve been getting. I’m […]

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Making a simple phone notification tool using Microsoft Power Automate (previously Microsoft Flow)

Note – The “Request” trigger used in this post is only available on a Premium Power Automate account. If you want this for personal use, I suggest you look at using IFTTT instead, see my guide here: Many of us have access through our work to Microsoft Power Automate, previously called Microsoft Flow. With […]